Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Uneasy feeling

 Last Saturday I had a meeting with the Philippines consulate. They needed 2 evacuation places in Gimhae(because of international airport and the distance from Seoul) for their people just in case. one of the evacuate centers will be our catholic church which is the center of Gimhae migrant workers.(They said they already informed our church as a evacuate center in the Philippines and some press from the Philippines already came in Korea and the others on their way to korea. so there is a chance to rush the press coming to our church to take some photos of our church as an evacuate center. They told us that they were forced to take an action for this situation from their home country and some new comers in korea. Because of that we had the meeting and talked about how to guide their people from their living city to Gimhae things. They said they were not worried about the situation like koreans, however they had to make plans for evacuation such as setting up places, transportations, food, organizing volunteers things.
After the meeting I had an uneasy feeling about the tension between north and south. When I was interested in the issue, I could gather some information which I did not care about before. That is why I read this article "Anxiety in South as N Korea rhetoric escalates" cutting the military hot-line, warning to foreigners to take evacuation, closing the Kaesong Industrial complex. UN chief Ban said Korea crisis could become 'uncontrollable',  South and N korean leaders speak up their voices to get a good position.
Solving this issue peacefully, the leaders have to communicate. Communication is essential, consequential. I think two korean leaders have to know what Grice's Maxims is. The more I know about communication things the more I feel ^^

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