Thursday, April 18, 2013

My mother who is a typical example of Korean dauntless mothers

My mother is one example of typical Korean mothers
Last class we talked about "our culture" what outside of people like and what they do not like things. We agreed that Korea is one of the safe country (even though it is divided north and south and south Korea is threaten by north, it is ironical), the delivery system is excellent and convenient stores are really cool. Hangul is one of the most creative letters in the world and some Koreans are creative and kind of smart. The other hand Korea’s “빨리빨리”(quickly-quickly) culture should be changed and Koreans have to be patient, Korean education system has lots of problems.
In the middle of discussion we had to describe Korea so I described Korea as Dynamic because Koreans are industrious, change things fast, and boost our economy quickly so it called “ The miracle of Han River” While I was thinking of it, it reminded me of my mother who is a typical example of Korean dauntless mother. She was born in Korea in late 1940’s; it meant she could not have a chance to study properly as a girl. It also meant she went through the period of rip-poor in Korea. Because of those reason, when she became a mother she had to scarify her life for her children like other tons of Korean mothers. She saved a penny for our education, haggled with a good price of bean sprout, and pushed us being industrious, doing our best all the time and so on.
When I was a child, I was embarrassed of my mother because she was too eager to live on and it seemed like she did not care about others except for her needs to take good care of us.
I hate her food, her attitude, her manners I could not understand her properly because I was too young to figure out our situation including Korean’s economy. Whenever I look back on my childhood I am very sorry to my mother and I really appreciate what she did for us. If she did not choose that kind of life style we could barely eat and did not finish our education properly. She had sacrificed her entire life for her children and her husband; there was no life for her own. I think my mother is one example of Korean typical mothers who had to scarify their entire life for their children, however did not deserve it properly by their children.
Most of Korean adults who lived in those days had to be patient and had to postpone their own happiness for the future that was why Korean could work terrible conditions and wages. We do not have any natural resources except for human resources so we had to focus on next generation’s education. That was the only way to get over the property and it was common sense of Korean. Thanks to their scarify we boosted our economy so quickly. However due to that kind of concept we have to face lots of problems, too. (Ex. 빨리빨리 culture, bureaucracy, withdraw of democracy etc.) I think we needed those kinds of system or culture to develop of our country in those days(I am not sure about it though) however now we face to upgrade our culture differently from old days.
As the same reason once I was not proud of being Korean. Some times we think only from our point of view so it could make people uncomfortable. (ex. pushing people do something quickly even though it is not relevant for them or for their sake, do not respect others thinking or idea not ignoring others but helping others and so on) Now I realize my narrow point of view… I hope to be continued(I am going to go away...)

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  1. Thank you for reminding me my mother's sacrifice for me and my country.