Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Ideas of ESL Games

I am an English teacher for elementary school in South Korea and my people are crazy about English education for their children. It has been lasting for many years that is why my city has been employed native teachers from all over the world.

I had few co-teachers from Canada, the U.K. and America. They finished their bachelor's degree in their home countries and came to Korea to earn some money. They had to pay back their university education expenses loan. They were great and nice. However I did not know their values properly at first because the expenses for hiring them was too high. Our city has spent lots of taxes for them for examples money for rental apartments, monthly pay, renewal bonuses, purchasing tickets for air plain tickets etc. I thought Korean teacher's could replace the position with less expenses. Now I understand their roles to encourage shy Korean students to speak more...

Like this experience I had skeptical ideas about English games. Most students were crazy about only games, they obsessed about winning the games without using English. That was why I did not like English games at first. It seemed like wasting time. How stupid I was!

I have been trying to adapt useful games for my English classes and I found lots of games and activities through Jeff's course. I do not think I know how to adapt those games for my classes properly yet. It will takes some time however it will flip my classes.

The idea of Salman Khan is amazing and I believe it.

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