Monday, April 6, 2015

Looking Back on My Wedding

Looking Back on My Wedding

          I got married many years ago and I went to Jeju Island as a honeymoon. Even though it was a big event for my life, I did not have a chance to look back on the day, that is why it is a really good chance for me to write down this essay. I would like to look back on my wedding thoroughly and remember both the good and the bad.

To refresh my wedding memory, I had to look at my wedding album. While I was looking at those wedding photo. To my surprise, I could see most of my friends from my High school and University. Some of them I lost contact just after wedding and some cannot see each other recently. Most of all I lost one of my best friends two years ago and I could see her face in the picture. Whenever I miss my friends I can take out the album to recall my precious memories with them. I was so lucky because most of my friends who attended at my wedding to celebrate it with their busy daily lives. I did not realize how blessed and thankful I was in twenties. Now, I know that it was the best part of my wedding.

I met my husband in my senior year at university, after that we dated for two more years before our marriage. I was too young to think about something concretely except for marriage itself. That was why I did not take care of my wedding ceremony or honeymoon too much. I just followed what the other people did in those days and it was good except for honeymoon. Whenever I think of my honeymoon, I am unhappy. We went to Jeju Island and had to get on a package tour bus with 12 new married couples. I followed a tour guide and the problem was that we did not have much choice. The tour guide took us certain places and asked to pose for honeymoon albums which we forced to buy later. My husband and I could not take it, so we refused to join the guide tour. We traveled by ourselves from the second day, however the tour guide forced us to buy the ridiculous honeymoon album. I still keep it and I can see me and my husband with awkward poses. It was a terrible memory, however it gave us a great lesson for a package tour, "Do not take package tours."

While I was looking back on my wedding, I found myself as a happy person. There were some unpleasant memories, but I had all my family and most of my dear friends who loved me deeply at the wedding ceremony. Therefore I think an ideal wedding can be decided by the people who I am with. That is why I think I am lucky.

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