Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No one cares about your mistakes except for you

No one cares about your mistakes except for you. When I went to America I heard that from some Americans and it made me dancing. Actually I was the one who cared about my mistakes every minutes. Whenever I wrote something down in English I asked my co-teachers to correct them always.I wanted to know what was wrong and how correct them. When I started to wirte my reflection for this course I hesitated to publish because I did not have anyone who could correct my writings(my computer does not have microsoft word, too bad) However I can publish my writings without correction, one year ago it could not happen.
The simple sentence "no one cares about your mistakes" encouraged me not to care about my mistakes. As a foreigner making mistakes is evitable and the people who I met wanted to communicate with me. They did not care about my mistakes or my pauses, they only bothered me. when I understood this simple concept, I was happy.
It is easy concept however when I heard that it was kind of shock. I was anxious about my mistakes unconsciously, so when I read "Successful Classroom Discussions with Adult Korean ESL/EFL Learners", it is totally understandable. When we have tests we have correct answers always even though when we have oral tests we always have correct answers . After becoming a teacher I had to figure out what the answers were sometimes. Thinking variously is not necessary to get a high score. That can be one of the reason why we are afraid of making mistakes I guess.

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