Thursday, April 4, 2013

Different attitude toward recent Korean crisis between my friend and I

How do you feel about south and north koreans situation?
Last Sunday I met a Filipino couple(I think the couple is my friends) who is working a korean company. They were worried about recent Korean crisis and asked me about the situation. Is there a chance to occur korean war? What do I consider for the situation in case? Is south korean military power stronger than north korean's? So I asked back to them how they felt about the situation. Because I did not have any idea about it.
They said that they watched CNN news which broadcasted breaking news about korean peninsula and called the philippines embassy in seoul to ask how they had to do. They considered whether going back to the philippines or not, that way why they needed my advise as a korean friend who was supposed to have some information about recent situation. They were told from their embassy keeping in touch with the embassy to prepare in case.
I told them we korean were not worried about it because we have lived in divided country which have a risk of war all the time for several decades and we have watched similar situation happened repeatedly in addition we had no places to escape in case. And most of media argued about new polices of new government and other issues.
I was surprised(I guessed they were surprised too-how numb I am in this situation probably) because the crisis is apparent so all over the world except for korea people are worried about korea I guess.
What do you think about the different attitude toward this situation between my friend and I? I wanted to research news from all over the world about the crisis however I don't have much time.

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