Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reconsidering my narrow point of view   trailer ( I could not find the whole documetary)
I am lucky to find this documentary "bully" directed by Lee Hirsch when I was switching tv channels to search a find program. It was terrifying and made my heart pounding. After watching it I thought of two things, one is my opinion about American education system and another is the reality of students who are suffering from school violence.
Last summer I had an opportunity to go to America to take a course which was provided by Kyeong Nam education office. Actually America was the last country that I wanted to visit because I had a stereotype of America in my mind. America is one of the strongest country in the world so I thought that most of Americans would be arrogant, careless of the others, and maybe a little bit selfish. However when I got the document about taking that English program it did not matter at all so I applied it and accepted it.
I met some people in America who were really nice and friendly so I had to change my mind. I observed two elementary schools so I changed my point of view about American education system, too. I watched well organized students and very strict rules of schools which every students has to follow. It was amazing about how the students obeyed the rules and the teachers which it is difficult to see in Korean schools nowadays. What I observed was totally different what I expected to watch so I had to change my idea.
However after taking this class and watching this documentary I realized that my observation was a tiny part of the whole system(I knew the fact however I denied to accept that it was only a part of the school system though) so I have to be careful about judging or making conclusions about something that I do not know exactly.
While I was watching it I found some teachers attitudes toward the victims were not friendly but a little bit strict I guessed that the teachers thought the victims caused the problems repeatedly. I felt some of the teacher thought the victims had some problems so the bullies had the reason to bully. That was why I have looked back my school life as a teacher. I am not sure about my attitude toward the victims of school violence even though I think I am always standing on their side.
▶ Have I ever blamed for the victims for their faults which they could not do anything about them?
▶ What can I do for the victims of school violence as a teacher?
▶ Bullying is invincible? Sydney School Bully Victim Fights Back Justin Bieber meets the boy(upper victim) bully in the work place caused a death

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  1. The video-clips and web-sites were very helpful to recognize bullying in the West. I thought it was only problem in Japan and Korea which were influenced by collectivism. ‘Bully’ meant that someone who used their strength or power to frighten or hurt someone who was weaker and the existence of the word told me there was a bully in English speaking countries. However I had never thought it was also a big problem in the West. I hoped many countries to resolve the problem all together. Thank you for the information.