Friday, June 7, 2013

Multiculturalism in our society

When I start to write this reflection, I think of the site of “from Korea with love”. So I search it in the internet.  I love her stories, they gave me lots of emotions:  fun, adorable, touched, funny, sad, angry, furious, sad, frustrated, sorry and embarrassed. When I read her stories, I usually looked back on myself as a Korean and as a human. She is from the Philippines and lives in Korea with her parents-in-laws.  If you read her stories, you can feel what her feeling’s is living in Korea as a foreigner especially as a South East Asian.

Recently the population of foreigners is increasing because of marriage, laborers from outside of Korea however Korean society is not ready for welcoming them as a part of us not for them but for mixed blood Korean as well. Actually I thought we Korean were moving forward as a member of international society so our attitude toward foreigners was changing gradually. However when I heard of little Psy’s new, I was disappointed. Homogeneity society is a kind of a hindrance to accept multiculturalism.

I know some multicultural families in Gimhae, when I had met them; most of their children were infants, or no children so most of their concerns about Korean language or how to adapt Korean life with their in-laws or their husbands. Now their children go to elementary schools or kindergartens so their concerns’ are changing to raise their children properly however it seems difficult for them. As a Korean parent I am having a difficult time to raise my own kids properly, I am not sure what I do for my kids, then as foreigners how difficult they are.  Mothers’ Korean seem good as foreigners, however that is not enough as mothers. Mother has to deal with her children and their homeroom teachers and it is not easy for them. If their children speak English or tagalog well they could communicate well, in the reality they cannot speak well none of them. I guess that when their children go to middle school or high school, it can be social issues.

I heard about an international marriage policy which foreign spouse has to pass Korean proficiency test to get married to Korean to prevent language barrier between Korean and foreign spouses. If someone who cannot speak Korean is not allowed to get married to Korean, the idea is funny.

Early this year I met two factory workers who wanted to change their companies because the company did not pay regularly. Because of that they were suffering for a few months so they needed to help. It worked well so they could release from the company and try to find new company. That time I realized that the policy for foreign laborers’ finding job was changed, before they could pick companies which they want to work. Now they do not have a choice they just register their name on the finding job list then companies which need to hire workers choose workers and call them.  They have to wait for call from companies, it moved back.

I know Korean government make some policy for multi-cultural families and there are few Korean spouses who are suffering from their foreign wives. However it is time to move forward together so government has to figure out how we can change our view of multiculturalism including immigrant workers and foreign wives and so on. I have to go to bed, it means I have to review it tomorrow.

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