Thursday, May 9, 2013

I would like to study related with Multicultral Families(Part#2)

I would like to study related with Multicultral Families(Part#2)
I am volunteering for immigrant workers including multicultural families. I started it as a
Korean teacher for immigrant workers who were suffering from their work places with language barriers and cultural differences after that I taught korean culture for brides of multicutural families to help them adapting their families for a short time. However I had to take care of my family and my work so it was burden to me to spend every sundays and I was suffering from the relationships between volunteers who started to establish the community so I quitted it. Over time I realized that volunteering is just volunteering so I do not need to take it too serious and I just do whatever I can do and I do not need to take care of others business. So I have joined the community again as an assistant of labor counselor which I am not good at it though.
From this background of mine I would like to study how to take care of multicultural families in Korean society. I have met some families who are worried about their children, family financial problems, the relationships between spouses. Most of them live in rural area and have some problems and their children are growing up so they face or will face some problem with studying and going through puberty. I would like to help them.
I am reading a paper of Multicultural families in Korean rural farming communities, they researched about multicultural families' reality and suggested some. While reading it I learned some information which I did not know before. So I would like to research some papers and books related with multicultural families and figure out what is the best way to help them with interview multicultural families and experts. Actually I have met some filipinos who could speak Korean well so I thought they could manage their business well like Korean however I have to admit they have some difficulties to communicate with officers and the papers while I worked with few of them. The reality and assumption has some gap. If I am fully supported I would like to study and survey for their benefit like above. I have to admit I am not helpful for them right now however I will figure out what I can do for them someday.

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