Monday, April 6, 2015

Start the DMZ Adventure

Start the DMZ Adventure
It’s in our DNA. Whether we’re haggling with the locals, trying weird and wonderful food, or exploring new territory, we like to keep things interesting. It’s the whole reason, we set up the DMZ traveling.

#1. Where should you start your journey?
Seoul has been the capital of South Korea since the formation of the Joseon Dynasty by the first king in 1395. After that Seoul has been a heart of dynamic Korea, so enjoy your journey in Seoul. You can stay as long as your journey allows to explore several palaces which were built in the Joseon Dynasty, to experience the traditional culture of Korea or to taste modern city life etc.

#2. Why should you take the DMZ adventure?
The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is the only symbol of a divided nation in the world. It has been over 60 years since the outbreak of the Korean War and the drawing of the 248km (155miles) cease-fire line along the 38th parallel, which created the DMZ. If you really want to explore the age of cold war, you should go to DMZ which was set up according to the cease-fire agreement on June 27, 1953. If you visit there you can go to Yelsoe Observatory, the only barbed wire fence of Korea, here you can experience a military camp, walk along the cease fire line, and feel the division of the peninsula. You can experience the cold era vividly.

After taking DMZ tour, you can take more adventures such as rafting at Donggang River with marvelous nature, or going hiking to Mt. Seorak which is one of the most famous Korean National Parks. It has several hiking courses from one to three days long. You can choose whatever you like. If you don't like to go hiking, you just ride a cable car to see the beautiful scenery. If you don't like rivers you can go to Hangyeryeong pass to enjoy the scenery.

#3. Where should you end your journey?
After visiting DMZ, Mt. Seorak, Dongang, has some old temples and you can go along the east coast to go to the beaches which have tremendous views. If you go to the east coast you can go to the other province to explore the other part of Korea or go back to Seoul to wrap up your journey.

DMZ is a haven of rare animals, birds and plants. You can enjoy a truly unique experience in South Korea and it will make your heart beat and give you unforgettable memories forever.

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