Monday, April 6, 2015

Koreans’ Favorite Messenger, Kakao Talk

Koreans’ Favorite Messenger, Kakao Talk
I wasn’t a big fan of smartphones because they have caused my kids stay up late night which caused arguments, my students fought each other using their text messages etc. Despite negative effects of it, I get used to using the smartphone such as, wake-up call, a pedometer app, a face book app, and banking apps. These apps make my life much easier and convenient so I can’t help using it. Especially Kakao Talk, which is one of the most useful apps I have ever used, so I’d like to present the reasons here.
First, Kakao Talk offers free chat rooms one-on-one, or multiple friends without limitation worldwide. I use this function organizing a gathering especially for my old colleagues. As soon as I open a chat room with a notice of a meeting, we can discuss the details all together, the date, the restaurant, the cost for a person, etc. It saves my efforts to call personally asking their opinions and adjusting the opinions. After gathering I usually share my photos by uploading in the chat room up to ten photos at a time. It helps me organize a gathering efficiently with pleasant communication to all the members and sharing memorable photos.

Second, it provides free calls all around world, so I can talk to my friends everywhere. I didn’t have a chance to talk to my friend who had emigrated from Korea to Canada for a long time ago before I lost one of my closest friends. After her death, I realized that I have forgotten people who I love so much. Kakao Talk is a really useful tool for me to keep in touch regularly with my friend in Canada. In addition, Nancie, who was my homestay owner in America three years ago, has kept in touch with me through chats, voice notes and free calls. Thanks to Kakao Talk, I could hear that Nancie was counting down her retirement day. Thus, it gives me a chance to maintain good relationships.

Lastly, it sells gifts from its gift shop, so people can send gifts from the store. Recently, I received two Starbucks coffee coupons through a Kakao message unexpectedly from a retired teacher who retired this February from my school. She wanted to express her gratitude for what I did for her at the retirement ceremony. The gift wasn’t expensive, however it made me surprised and happy. Unexpected presents make people feel like dancing, so I love Kakao Talk so much.

Kakao is developed into a versatile tool like free chatting, free call, multimedia messaging, fun games, and gift shop. These functions offer us keep in touch with people, share meaningful memories, strengthen our ties, and exchange gifts. Therefore, I think Kakao Talk is one of the most useful apps I have ever used, and it makes our society a better place like a bridge for a good relationship.

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