Thursday, March 28, 2013

How big the world is! (Week#2)

Interesting Things which I read the second week
The eye-tracing maps that resulted from a study showed that people from different cultures browse web pages differently. While Chinese and Korean scan the entire page to get an overall picture, Americans focus on information groups. So there is no question that cultural differences pose a challenge to global web design.
I am a korean and I usually scan the whole page kind of holistic thinker. From a business perspective, understanding and paying attention to the difference of cultures are important.
Modern Nose-blowing is the result of post a epidemic tuberculosis.
When I read this I understand why nose-blowing is acceptable manners for westerners and I can teach this part to my students to explain the background culture. And I am wondering why korean elderly spit out phlegm, my mother believes when she spits out it she can prevent from diseases. Before reading this I thought her idea was nonsense now I guess there is some reason maybe.
Due to the wide distribution of American television and movie, the younger generations from all of the countries are developing a generic form of North American body language.
Like upper sentence I thought we have much common sense of body languages however after reading a few articles about nonverbal languages I realized that I had short ideas of nonverbal languages and the differences of cultures. How interesting that the same nonverbal languages have totally different meanings it can be compliment, it can be insult.
Considering that 80% of North American don't have a passport, it follows they would be the most ignorant of international body languages customs. Even Gorge W Bush had to apply for a passport after becoming president of the united states.
I was surprised that North Americans are not interested in travel overseas. How come it happens? I thought people naturally had curiosity of others such as 'how people live?' 'how they eat?' 'how they think?' Then I realized again that I could think from my narrow point of view.
Spoken language is only 5% to 35% of communication. The majority of our feelings and intentions are sent through nonverbal communication.
I imagined that the same gestures could interpret several meanings because of diversity of race, countries, cultures. However I did not have examples that is why I just assumed it as a possible theory now I can explain the diversity of nonverbal languages.
When I volunteer I feel that speaking their own languages or English is not always necessary to communicate each other because we can feel each other from the bottom of our heart.

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  1. In the past I have also found the low percentage of Americans who have a passport to be amazing. With the economic downturn it becomes a little more understandable. However, I have imagined that, generally, Americans show very little interest in the world outside of the USA. Maybe this is because they have been the preeminent country in the world and don't have to show interest the way that poorer and less powerful nations do?